How to "sign up" for the Blog


Many times I am asked how folks can 'register' for the blog.  Well you see, it doesn't work that way.  A blog is just a diary.  Where I post.  And that box you see up there to "login" is just the place where "I" login to post my thoughts and comments.

But if you are visiting the blog my surfing to or  Stop that.  It's not efficient AT ALL.  That's not how a blog works.  You need to READ it, not SURF to it.

So... how do we set up a RSS or blog reader?

First we get a RSS reader.  I personally like Newsgator, but there are lots of others.  More are listed here:

You can even pull in RSS feeds into Sharepoint. Once you find a blog page you like... look for the orange thingy.  Whether you want to call it a RSS or XML icon, look for that or SOMETHING that indicates 'syndication'.

RSS It may look like this

XML or this

Yeah I know.  That bottom one isn't orange is it?  It's kinda confusing but hopefully they will have a standard name for it one of these days.  They all mean one thing... if you have a program like Newsgator loaded up you can right mouse click on it, and click on "subscribe in newsgator".

Take for example the "Official SBS Support Blog"

Okay so if you were geeky you could just surf your way to ....but.... when you can SUBSCRIBE to the feed so that every time Mark Stanfill or anyone else from Mothership Las Colinas posts, you'll KNOW immediately...why would you want to surf when you can subscribe to the feed?

So up there?  See that RSS 2.0 up there?

Right mouse click on it....see how your drop down says "Subscribe in Newsgator"?

Okay so now click...and it will say "analyzing feed"

and will say:

And voila...inside of Outlook, you now have a subscription to the blog.  So that each and every time it is updated, you'll know exactly when.

Pretty cool huh?

Okay so let's go to another blog and if you can spot the place to sign up for an RSS feed [and hint...this time it's easier]

Let's go to's blog at and see if you can spot it.  [I feel like Blue's Clues or something]

See it?

Hint.. look for's picture and it's right above it.....

Right mouse click.... subscribe...and ......there ya go!

See how this works?  Kewl huh?

Now... you never need to surf again to these sites...they will all automagically come to you.