The application of the SQL server patch causes a cosmetic issue with SBS 2003

829358 - Overview of the Critical Update for SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (Windows) on Windows Server 2003 (KB829358):;en-us;829358

This is a screen shot of my SBS 2003 server prior to the application of 829358 [Please note I am in the process of beta testing another product which causes the "For testing purposes only. Build 3790" to show up next to the system tray. Your machine will not show this wording]

Preinstall, notice NO icon other than Trend Micro a/v, and the two network card identifiers [that I always enable]

Notice no additional icon under Startup.

Going to Windows update indicates that I need to apply KB 829358

Server is rebooted

After the server is rebooted, an icon appears in the system tray

Service Manager appears in the Startup menu

Hovering over the top of the icon indicates that it is "not connected"


Delete the Service Manager out of the Startup menu.

It is not needed.

And you can delete the icon from the system tray [right mouse click and select exit]

And CompanyWeb is fully functional after the patch